About the Students at the Center Hub

Students at the Center helps educators to understand and make use of current research on student-centered approaches to teaching and learning. Our goal is that each student – with a special focus on students who identify as Black or Brown, have learning differences, are English Language Learners, have recently immigrated or are low-income – have meaningful opportunities to acquire skills, knowledge and dispositions so that each student realizes their fullest potential.

The Students at the Center Hub was created through a partnership between the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and Jobs for the Future and is now updated and maintained by KnowledgeWorks.

The mission of the Students at the Center Hub

  • Help raise the visibility of student-centered learning
  • Provide educators with ideas, materials and actionable research that promote student voice and advance equity
  • Offer a centralized location for evidence and resources on student-centered learning approaches

Hub features to explore

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