Big Bang: The International Conference on Student-Centered Learning

  • Jul 25 - 28, 2017
  • St Louis, MO

This conference is a convening of hundreds of educators, advocates, thought leaders from around the world, and students, focusing on student-centered learning. The organizers believe that in order to have discussions about the future of student-centered learning, it is essential that students themselves play a key role; not just as attendees, but as designers, presenters, and leaders. Over 50 students attended in 2016.

At this unique PD event, attendees are placed in advisories, allowing them to form close bonds with a core group of students, educators, and advocates from across the world. Much of the learning is conducted outside of the conference itself through deep-dive “Leaving to Learn” sessions where attendees leave the confines of the conference center to learn through local community experiences. During Big Bang 2017, attendees will experience the essence of the St. Louis Blues scene, display problem-solving skills in a local Escape Room, and travel to Ferguson to meet with the school superintendent, amongst other opportunities.

Source Organization: Big Picture Learning

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