Cultural Relevance and Academic Equity in the Age of ESSA

  • Mar 22, 2018

In this webinar, Dr. Almitra Berry-Jones, an expert in culturally and linguistically diverse learners at risk, will dive into the topics of cultural relevance and academic equity. She will introduce educators to a culturally relevant pragmatism that regards the culturally and linguistically diverse learner as one who brings to school a divergent order of reality that influences the efficacy of traditional instructional methods.

K-12 educators and leaders will benefit from attending this event. There will be time for questions after the presentation. Participants will take away a broader understanding of equality and achievement as well as a clear sense of how to enact significant and meaningful change in their schools.

Almitra Berry-Jones, Ed.D. is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant on the topic of culturally and linguistically diverse learners at-risk. Her research focuses on academic achievement in majority-minority, high-poverty, large, urban school districts

Host Organization: EdWeb

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