Deeper Learning 2017

  • Mar 29 - 31, 2017
  • San Diego, CA

DL2017 is the 5th annual gathering of powerful educators focused on creating more opportunities for students to learn deeply. Learn More Here.

Why attend Deeper Learning 2017?

  • You are an educator who cares deeply about preparing students for college and the careers of tomorrow. You want students thinking critically, collaborating, doing and making. You want them embracing challenge.
  • You believe in learning by doing. At DL2017, we will experience deeper learning for ourselves through deep dives and interactive workshops.
  • You will leave with new ideas, tools and practices – and new partners in this work. You will leave with inspiration and powerful collegial connections.

Who attends? Deeper Learning attendees come from around the globe and across the education field–from practitioners to policy makers, funders and researchers and others- who are committed to understanding and spreading deeper learning to all students. Deeper Learning attendees are encouraged to be leaders of change, proponents for equity and pedagogical innovators.

DL2017 will explore questions like:

  • How can we engage students in deeper learning experiences?
  • How can we support educators in designing deeper learning experiences for students?
  • How can we cultivate leaders who facilitate deeper learning in schools?
  • How can we create and advance equitable learning environments?
  • How do we spread more deeper learning experiences to all students?

At DL2017 you will:

  • Experience deeper learning for yourself through deep dives, interactive workshops and an innovative makerspace.
  • Connect with powerful educators who care deeply about preparing students for college and the careers of tomorrow.
  • Learn new ideas and practices that will equip yourself and colleagues with tools and strategies to spread deeper learning.
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