Educating the Whole Child in a World of Silos

  • Feb 23, 2017
  • Online

In this webinar, Ian Fogarty, Chemistry and Physics Teacher at Riverview High School, will highlight how Riverview High School (RHS) became a top finalist for the 2017 FETC STEM Excellence Awards in the High School Division.  RHS has found a way to enact research and provide a student-centered personalized learning environment that balances consistency with freedom, and specialization with renaissance education. The structures and practices built into the school day combined with an essentials-extensions model of assessment, allow students to master critical content and explore individual passions that go beyond STEM, STEAM or STEAM-H.

The webinar will detail some of their projects and examine how teachers can organize their classes. It will also inform administrators how to organize their schools from assessment to content delivery, to PBL, to passion projects in an attempt to educate the whole student living in a system of silos.

It will take place on Thursday, February 23 at 4 p.m. EST and will benefit middle and high school teachers, as well administrators, who are trying to provide opportunities for their students that will help them uncover abilities and passions. The event is free, but preregistration is required. If you register but are unable to attend, audio and materials from the webinar will be available after the event. After participating, you will be emailed a Continuing Education certificate.

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