Using Common District Assessments as Formative Feedback

  • May 23, 2018
  • Online

This webinar will feature the story of how Boston uses common district assessments as formative feedback. Boston Public Schools (BPS) wanted to assess student learning consistently across 125 different schools that have different curricula and pacing within each grade. They needed formative assessments that could address the variations and still provide comparable measurement. Mike Rubino, Boston Public School’s formative assessment manager, and Deborah Farrington, director of assessment services for Measured Progress, will present. Participants will:

  • Learn BPS’s strategy to roll out a district-wide formative assessment program
  • See how BPS customized assessments to align with common standards across multiple curricula
  • Hear what BPS leaders did to help teachers use assessment data as formative feedback

This 50-minute event will take place online on Wednesday, May 23 at 3pm EDT. Registration is required. If you are interested but can not attend, sign up and you will receive a recording after the live event.

Host Organization: Measured Progress

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