10 Game-Changing Ideas in Education

By EdWeek Editors
February 2, 2018

In this article, editors at EdWeek have compiled 10 commentaries that outline exciting ideas in the field of education. For example:

In The Secret to Student Engagement authors Chip & Dan Heath assert that “peak moments”, events that represent the culmination of students’ work are remembered long after the event and can create engagement and motivation to succeed. Many of these events take place outside of the classroom, such as state swim meets, debate competitions, awards ceremonies, or prom. The authors suggest creating culminating, project-based events IN the classroom with the same-level of attention and celebration.

In Mindset Research Is Sound, That’s Not the Problem, the executive director of Mindset Scholars Network, Lisa Quay looks at the disconnect between growth mindset research and its practical application in schools. She suggests the best way to change adult behaviors and stimulate innovation in schools is to harness what researchers already know about learning environments that foster adaptive beliefs and learning behaviors in students.

These commentaries may spark new thinking and inspire educators to think creatively to solve old problems in new ways.

Source Organization: EdWeek

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