21 Tips for Connecting Learners to Their Community

By Becs Boyd
January 2, 2017

This blog explores the importance of place and community-based approaches to learning and offers tips on implementation from the author’s experiences in schools. Place and community-based approaches can be transformative for all stakeholders and help students draw deep connections to themselves, their school, and other broader communities. The article offers relevant suggestions in five main categories:

  • Helping students learn and care about making connections from their local communities to the broader world
  • Creating responsible citizens
  • Developing active learners
  • Making students effective contributors
  • Effectively creating  “outdoor classrooms”

The blog is a part of the “Place-Based Education” blog series for Getting Smart,  and is especially useful for school leaders to get tangible pointers on how to discuss place-based learning with teachers and develop positive thinking and active solutions around the ideas.

Source Organization: Getting Smart

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