6 Steps to Ensuring ILPs Better Support Inclusive Personalized Learning

By Ace Parsi and Curtis Richards
May 17, 2018

In this article, authors Ace Parsi and Curtis Richards highlight the importance of individualized learning plans (ILPs) to increase engagement in school, especially for students with disabilities. Research shows that when implemented well, ILPs can lead to stronger academic goal-setting, self-efficacy, and motivation. The authors recommend the following key actions to ensure students with disabilities fully benefit from ILPs:

  • Expand stakeholders understanding of a disability
  • Be explicit in helping students develop key skills in the ILP process
  • Ensure the system is accessible so that students have meaningful choices
  • Ensure students are part of any conversations affecting them
  • Value the goals that students choose for themselves
  • Make sure ILPs are complementary to a student’s Individual Education Program (IEP) and vice versa

Source Organization: Getting Smart

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