College, Career, and Civic Readiness: The Case of the Missing ‘C’

By Stephen Hamilton
June 2, 2016

This article by Stephen Hamilton, Dean of the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, discusses his observation of the neglect of the idea of “civic readiness” in conversations about preparing students to succeed. He asserts that if career readiness is often neglected, civic readiness is all but forgotten. He also asserts that civic readiness somehow seems less pressing than either employment or higher education, which offers the smoothest path to gainful employment, however active citizenship and “civic competence” is essential in our democracy. Civic competence refers to knowledge about how government works, understanding of democratic principles, and the ability to participate effectively in the deliberation and collaboration required to get things done in a democratic society.

This article is a good conversation starter about student’s post-secondary success, 21st century skills, critical thinking, and how civic readiness can be an advantage to the success of our youth.

Source Organization: Education Week

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