ASPIRA Parents for Educational Excellence

June 19, 2015

Since 1961 ASPIRA has been dedicated to improving the education and leadership opportunities for Puerto Rican and Latino youth. ASPIRA has state associate programs in 8 states, including Connecticut, Delaware, and Massachusetts, and works with partner CBOs across the country. In addition to their youth development programs, they also offer a parent leadership program, ASPIRA Parents for Educational Excellence (APEX), which gives parents the knowledge to become more involved in their children’s’ education. Parents participate in ten workshops on topics such as the home connection, school structure, communication, school involvement, and organizing parent networks. Many parents go on to participate in another course of workshops designed to train them as facilitators so they can teach other parents. The facilitator manuals for both the main course and the facilitator training are available to download from their website in both English and Spanish.

Source Organization: ASPIRA

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