Background on Equity Resource Bundle

To help shape the future direction of our work and ensure that equity is always at the forefront, SATC had an outside group conduct an Equity Evaluation Report. As part of this analysis, the group reviewed all of the resources catalogued in the HUB database to identify whether the HUB was providing enough resources on key topics related to equity.

The selection of the topic areas for review was based on Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education. This guide was authored by Perspectives for a Diverse America and Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is an excellent resource for any educator or school leader, providing a clear, well-organized look at the practices that can support equity in education. It provides a detailed look at 20 critical practices and explains their connection to anti-biased education. The practices are organized under four categories:

  • instruction;
  • classroom culture;
  • engaging family and community; and
  • teacher leadership.

The review of the resources in the HUB database helped the SATC team identify areas where we can build the database as well as highlight some wonderful resources, which we have featured for users in this resource bundle.

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