Boston Student Advisory Council Facebook Page

By Boston Student Advisory Council
June 18, 2015

Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) is a student-led organization to empower youth in Boston to have a voice in decision-making. Jointly administered by Youth on Board and Boston Public Schools, the group consists of 2 elected student representatives from most of Boston’s high schools. Students meet bi-weekly, choosing topics of interest to research. Students then organize, advocate, and advise the school committee and mayor on policy changes. Past projects have included student involvement in teacher evaluations, cell phone policy, BPS budget, and school safety. Currently students are involved in decisions around school discipline and out-of-school suspension policies.

BSACs Facebook page highlights current initiatives and events. It also includes a link to the new Boston Student Rights app to inform students of their rights and current BSAC initiatives.

Source Organization: Youth on Board and Boston Public Schools Office of Engagement

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