Deeper Learning Micro-Credentials

By Digital Promise
September 25, 2016

This website allows teachers and educators to earn micro-credentials through submission of their competence. Micro-credentials, an emerging professional development strategy, allow educators to demonstrate and gain recognition for skills developed throughout their careers and used in practice. To earn a micro-credential, a teacher submits evidence of their competence, such as examples of student work and student and teacher reflections, which is then assessed by peers based on a set of evaluation criteria. Educators can display earned micro-credentials as digital badges and share them on social platforms with colleagues and other stakeholders.

Digital Promise, an organization dedicated to using technology to accelerate innovation in education, has developed 40 micro-credentials, which are aligned with specific deeper learning competencies and organized into categories based on key student skills such as critical thinking, personal mindsets, collaborating, learning to learn, and innovating. The description of each micro-credential, such as collaborative problem solving, includes a description of the instructional method, supporting research and resources, and guidelines and evaluation criteria for submission.

Source Organization: Digital Promise

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