Desperately Seeking: Culturally Relevant Ideas and Innovation in Education

By Shawn Rubin
October 25, 2016

This article discusses Startup Weekend Education in Providence (SWeduPVD), a design event hosted by the Highlander Institute in collaboration with 4.0 schools. Weekend hackathon events have become a popular way for educators, designers, and others to come together to address issues in education. Teams work together to propose a startup organization or product to address a need, such as a math application or electronic gradebook.

This hackathon took on a topic not often addressed through this type of event, strengthening voice for students of color. Teams worked on ideas to create classrooms where students can discuss issues of equity, privilege, and power. This article includes several resources for educators who want to empower students through culturally relevant programs and content. It may also spark ideas and inspire educators and designers to work together and think creatively to find new ways to address critical issues of equity in education.

Source Organization: EdSurge

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