Developing a Modern Teacher Workforce

April 11, 2019

This report, Developing a Modern Teacher Workforce: Federal Policy Recommendations for Professional Learning and Supporting Future-Focused, Competency-Based Education Systems, addresses how policymakers can support the development of a teacher workforce with the skills and support systems needed to embrace the student-centered, competency-based, and diverse learning environments of the future. Specifically, this brief describes a vision for the future of the teaching profession, frames the role of federal policymakers, and outlines three federal policy priorities that can help support this vision:

  • Diversifying pathways into the teaching profession;
  • Catalyzing innovation to redesign teacher preparation; and
  • Developing meaningful systems of assessments and evaluation.

This brief is an important resource for any federal policymaker interested in k-12 education.

Source Organization: iNACOL

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