Digital Portfolios Position Students for Success in the Workforce

By Heather Hiles
July 15, 2016

This op-ed, by Heather Hiles founder of Pathbrite, an e-portfolio platform, and someone who has spent her entire professional life committed to helping students optimize their academic outcomes and obtain meaningful employment, explains why digital portfolios are so beneficial to students who are embarking on a job search. According to a study from CareerBuilder, 81 percent of employers have some level of difficulty filling open positions due to the gap between the skills applicants possess and the skills required for the jobs. With the skills gap presenting problems for both employers and students, students must do all they can to present their best selves to prospective employers and showcase the skills they actually know that will make them better matches for open positions. To thrive in the workforce, students must be able to differentiate themselves from other job candidates and show what they know in a way that goes beyond a transcript or static resume. The use of technology brings a jobseeker to life and provides a connection point between employers and job candidates. Digital portfolios are a proven catalyst to employment for many students. The platform challenges the traditional resume and opens the door to a more holistic approach to cataloging achievements.

Source Organization: EdSurge

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