Educator Competencies: Video Example of ‘Growth Mindset’

July 22, 2021

By mastering the twelve foundational competencies, educators can build a solid foundation for continued growth. The competencies are a subset of those outlined in the Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-Centered Environments, created to empower a growing number of teachers to implement and scale up a transformation of their classrooms into places of personalized, student-centered learning. While Educator Competencies explores many areas, twelve competencies were flagged as foundational and ‘prerequisite’ to all others, including practicing growth mindset.

Practicing Growth Mindset

Engage in deliberate practices of persistence and growth mindset.

Teachers who practice growth mindset:

  • gain competence and confidence through effort over time
  • work toward long-term professional goals
  • see mistakes and failure as opportunities for growth

To build a growth mindset, students must learn to use mistakes as a springboard to future success. Students and teachers discuss the critical role of failure, perseverance and constructive feedback for success in the arts. This mindset can be applied to any subject.

Learn more about this and other competencies, as well as how to transform classrooms into places of personalized, student-centered learning, by interacting with Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-Centered Environments.

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