Effective (Teacher-Centered) Coaching

By Joanna Burt-Kinderman
August 5, 2017

This blog, written by a math teacher and coach, and a member of the Better Math Teaching Network, discusses the importance of coaching for teachers in order to drive student success in math. The blog–a reflective essay of sorts– creates a compelling argument and call to action to transform math classrooms. The author discusses learner-centered models for both student instruction and teacher coaching. She shares ideas for creating a collaborative learning environment in which students and teachers are motivated and engaged in the study of math, grounded in new learning standards that emphasize 21st-century learning skills.

This article is packed with thought provoking commentary and would be a good read for math teachers, principals, families, and anyone else interested in increasing student engagement and agency in math classes.

Source Organization: Problematizing Math Teaching

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