Ensuring ‘Anytime Anywhere’ Access in a High-Poverty District

By Dan Gordon
November 29, 2016

This transcript of an interview with Deputy Superintendent of Educational Services for the Santa Ana Unified School District, David Haglund, covers the importance of access to high quality technology and experiences for students from high poverty districts. He discusses how their district has used Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and allocated scarce resources to buy needed technology for those students who do not have access at home. He also outlines the work being done at Advanced Learning Academy, an independent charter school for elementary and middle school students with a competency education approach. Students have multiple teachers and move between classes, working on projects, and tasks from individual playlists developed for them each night based on their progress. This student-centered approach means access to technology is critical.

Leaders from other high-poverty districts may gain insight and ideas from this interview.

Source Organization: THE Journal

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