Equity at the Center: A Tool for Assessing Communication about Teaching and Learning

By Students at the Center HUB
November 7, 2017

This rubric was designed to help schools, districts, and intermediary organizations examine their digital and web-based communications, for example websites, digital resources and classroom tools, to ensure all stakeholders have an equal opportunity to access information. The tool grew out of work conducted by the Students at the Center Hub team to assess its own materials and communications to better reflect the Hub’s commitment to equity and social justice.

The rubric looks at six criterion which are based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a set of principles for developing curriculum and learning environments that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn, and are flexible and customizable. Using these criterion, users can rank their level of implementation and determine their next action steps. The tool includes examples of action items from the assessment of the Hub.

This rubric has been specifically adapted for leaders of schools and districts, knowledge management professionals working in schools and districts, as well as intermediary organizations and foundations. Although it was designed to assess a school or organization’s website and digital resources to better align with UDL principals and the Hub’s student-centered learning framework, it could also be used to assess any digital or written communications.

Source Organization: Jobs for the Future

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