Examining Cultural Relevance

By LeeAndra Khan
April 25, 2017

This one page tool provides a set of questions to determine the cultural relevance of a given unit, learning task, or project. Many of the strategies for infusing cultural relevance focus on student-centered practices such as inclusion of choice in topics, sources for information, and ways of displaying knowledge learned as well as connection to students’ interests and backgrounds. This tool was presented at the 2017 Blended and Personalized Learning Conference by LeeAndra Khan from Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School, IL during her session Infusing Equity and Cultural Relevance in our Learning Environments.

Teachers at any grade level can use this simple tool to analyze an existing lesson. It could also be used as a roadmap when planning new lessons. In addition, the protocol could be used to spark discussion about the importance of culturally relevant lessons at a staff or team meeting. Staff could evaluate a unit or learning task of their own or provide feedback to a peer.

Source Organization: LeeAndra Khan, Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School

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