Flexible Pathways to Graduation: Six Vermont High School Students

By Vermont Folklife Center
January 24, 2017

This video, created by UP for Learning as part of their Communicating School Redesign efforts (partnering with Ned),  features six Vermont high school students describing how they have used multiple pathways to personalize and direct their own learning. The students in the video are using a combination of community/work-based learning, virtual and blended learning, dual enrollment, early college programs, and school-based learning to customize an education experience based on careers and fields of study that interest them. They apply what they learn to real-world problems and college courses.

This video was designed to be shared with families, students, and community members in Vermont to help them build a sense of the changes happening in Vermont schools under Act 77:Flexible Pathways and gain their support. It could be shown to communities in other states considering similar policies allowing for multiple pathways to graduation.

Source Organization: UP for Learning

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