Goodbye ABCs: How One State is Moving Beyond Grade Levels and Graded Assessments

By Sydney Johnson
July 5, 2017

This article explores the No Grades, No Grades (NG2) program in New Hampshire, where seven elementary schools are participating in a pilot, slowly moving away from both traditional age-based grouping of students into grades and assessment based on letter grades. Instead the schools are embracing the following 6 tenets: project-based learning, learner agency, whole person development, blended learning and competency-based assessment. The article explores how the adoption has taken shape and the impact of this new structure on students, teachers and the classroom.

This article provides a real life glimpse into a school and would be a great read for school leaders and educators interested in competency-based assessment and more flexible groupings based on learner needs, rather than age. It would also be of interest to leaders in other states considering a shift away from traditional structures.

Source Organization: EdSurge

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