How Do We Ensure Personalized Learning is a True Equity Initiative?

By Ace Parsi and Maria Moser
February 14, 2017

This article discusses the importance of addressing equity as schools embrace personalization. The authors assert that while personalized learning has great potential, ensuring equity, especially for students with disabilities (SWDs) and English Learners (ELLs), requires a lot of work and an ongoing commitment. The authors pose five questions the field should address including whether adequate teacher training and student support systems are in place, and how the digital divide impacts students. They also outline several steps states, districts, and schools can put in place to ensure SWDs, ELLs, and other struggling learners succeed.

This article is a great conversation starter for educators and school leaders. The questions listed are  a good starting point for professional development exercises and can help structure difficult conversations around ensuring equitable learning environments.

Source Organization: Getting Smart

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