How Lesson Imaging Brings Math and Science Instruction Into Focus

By Michelle Stephan
February 16, 2017

This article, written by an associate professor of mathematics instruction, details the student-centered lesson planning strategy called “lesson imaging”. The author asserts that traditional math and science teaching methods don’t support 21st century skill development. She advocates for a shift to a more student-centered pedagogical approach. In inquiry math and science classrooms the teacher presents a rich task that engages students to creatively solve a problem or answer a question. Inquiry classrooms require a new approach to lesson planning. The author provides detailed steps to plan using the lesson imaging approach. In order to support student learning, teachers imagine how students might solve the problem or laboratory that is presented.

This article may be useful to math and science educators interested in inquiry-based instruction.  It also discusses the important role of school administrators in supporting a shift to more student-centered teaching practice in math and science classrooms.

Source Organization: EdWeek

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