How Lobsters are Keeping Students in School

November 18, 2016

This article explores the move to a personalized learning program in one small rural community in Maine. Deer Isle-Stonington High School was struggling with one of the highest dropout rates in the state, losing many students early to the lobster fishing industry that is the life-blood of the town. A school improvement plan, begun in 2010, sought to personalize learning and capitalize on students’ interests. Now the majority of student’s classes are focused on the maritime industry. Students learn math skills through ship building and history through the lens of the fishing industry. Students participate in relevant project-based learning to consider real life issues in their community. The new program has gotten results, greatly reducing the number of dropouts.

This article may be inspiring to other educators, and is an excellent piece to share with the general public to encourage support for student-centered learning approaches.

Source Organization: The Atlantic

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