How the #DisruptTexts Movement Can Help English Teachers Be More Inclusive

By Katrina Schwartz
March 30, 2020

This article features advice from the founders of the #DisruptTexts Twitter chats and website who are working to help other English Language Arts teachers create equitable and inclusive curriculum. Through weekly twitter posts and a moderated online discussion, they encourage teachers to reflect and consider the message their choice of texts sends to students about whose voices and stories are worthy of academic study. This article, based on a presentation at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) conference, outlines four key values English teachers of any grade level can embrace to make their curriculum more engaging and relevant to all their students.

ELA teachers who would like to learn more should check out this article in Chalkbeat which features and interview with one of the co-founders, A Denver area librarian.

Source Organization: Mind Shift

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