Let’s Celebrate Personalization: But Not Too Fast

By Carol Ann Tomlinson
March 31, 2017

This article, from Educational Leadership Magazine, is an illuminating probe to reassesses what personalized learning truly means. It discusses what a shift to personalization will actually take in terms of mindsets, resources and time.  It explores provoking questions such as:

  • How will old and new paradigms coexist?
  • What supports will teachers need?
  • What aspects of your educational environment will have to change?
  • Where are parents in the change process?

The goal of this article is to elicit “informed action—action based on full awareness of the complexity of meaningful school change and accompanied by judicious planning, deep study of all instructional possibilities, and vigilance as those possibilities unfold”. This article will help any district or school leader think through questions that need to be addressed when considering a shift to personalized learning. It also shares convincing reasons to take on this hard work for the benefit of students.

Source Organization: ASCD

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