Maker Ed

By Maker Ed
March 1, 2017

The mission of Maker Ed is to provide educators and institutions with the training, resources, and community of support they need to create engaging, inclusive, and motivating learning experiences through maker-centered education, particularly in under-served communities. Maker-centered education encourages students to create, take apart, fix, and tinker. It encourages creativity and a type of thinking needed in STEM fields. This exploration is often centered around a makerspace, a hands-on learning laboratory.

This website features a blog, extensive resource library, and professional development activities. The library is full of links to toolkits, project ideas, guides for program planning, and tools to help teachers and school leaders get started. In addition, the section Making the Case includes articles, videos, and stories that show the impact of maker-centered education that could be used to introduce the approach to staff, students, and families. The professional development activities could also be used to educate staff.

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