Mom, Can You Pleeeease Record Me?

By Lisa Westman
March 8, 2017

This opinion blog by Lisa Westman, an instructional coach specializing in differentiation for Skokie School District 73.5 in suburban Chicago, discusses ways to harness video recording in the classroom. She asserts that teachers can capitalize on students frequent use of video recording in their personal lives. A graphic outlines several ways teachers can use video to demonstrate learning, track progress, and solicit feedback. This article also focuses on using video to self-assess social-emotional competencies. She asserts that by viewing video of themselves in the classroom, students can gain a more accurate picture of their own learning behaviors and assess their noncognitive competencies such as effective communication.

This article will be useful to any educator interested in finding new ways to help students build noncognitive skills or engage students through technology. Educators will be particularly interested in the specific logistical details provided to begin using video recording in the classroom.

Source Organization: Education Week

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