Next Gen Tools: Hiring for Mindset

By Next Generation Learning Challenges
March 28, 2017

Hiring for Mindset describes a strategy used by Da Vinci Schools, a Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) breakthrough model school, to hire teachers that will contribute to a culture of innovation that supports personalized, blended learning for students. The strategy involves a group planning exercise, sample teaching session, student-led school tours, and parent interviews to help assess candidates commitment to collaboration, growth mindset, and student voice. Students and teachers participate in the selection process, and a candidate’s fit with school culture is weighed as heavily as performance and content knowledge.

This NGLC innovation brief is part of a series of tools designed to share emerging practices used by NGLC breakthrough model schools.  Educators and school and district leaders will find ideas and implementation tips in this brief and others in the series. NGLC is an initiative of Educause Learning Initiative, a nonprofit community of higher education institutions and organizations committed to the advancement of learning through the innovative application of technology.

Source Organization: Next Generation Learning Challenges

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