Reaching the Tipping Point: Insights on Advancing Competency Education in New England

By Chris Sturgis
October 12, 2016

This paper explores K-12 competency-based education policy and practice across six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. It examines the core concepts of competency education, detailing the limitations of the traditional system, and outlining how competency education is designed explicitly for equity and student success. Next, the author addresses why and how the New England region embraces competency education. She provides insights into policy strategies being used across states and analyzes the impact of competency education on quality, equity, scaling, and sustainability. The Appendix offers a synopsis of each state strategy, complemented by short case studies of a few districts and schools.

This paper will be of interest to educators and policy makers across NewEngland and in other states looking for examples and strategies to create state-wide structures and policies to support competency-based education in their regions.

Source Organization: CompetencyWorks

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