Resource Round-Up: Teaching Jim Crow South and the Lynching Era

April 22, 2021

Many educators are trying to advance social justice in the United States, which involves a large learning curve for many White Americans who want to be allies. During COVID-19, it’s hard to travel places and resources to do so may be limited. So, we’ve compiled resources that can help anyone, anywhere, be able to visit and learn from an immersive experience on Jim Crow South.

While the Harlem Renaissance was growing in New York, living in the South was a struggle for Black Americans. Fake accusations by White women caused death sentences, either by the court system or by public mobs. And they weren’t safe above the Mason Dixon either. The border communities saw some of the most hangings throughout Reconstruction and well into the 19th century. To visit these special exhibitions and learn more, explore the sites and lessons below. 

Museums and Virtual Exhibits Exploring Jim Crow South

  • The Georgia Public Broadcasting partnered with Google to provide a digital exhibit of Jim Crow and segregation. Explore now > 
  • Scottsboro, Alabama is home to the Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center, which Sheila Washington created to honor and educate others about the nine young Black boys and men, who in 1931 were falsely accused of raping two White women in a case that created a critical legal precedent and was the inspiration for To Kill a Mockingbird. Read more > 
  • The Equal Justice Initiative, who runs the Lynching in America project, has a wonderful YouTube channel that offers brief tours of the Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice, other Civil Rights Trail sites and informative short documentaries. Watch now > 
  • The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia provides an extensive opportunity to experience the museum and its artifacts digitally. They also offer personal digital, or pre-recorded tours, in addition to the digital walkthrough they have on the site. Explore more > 

Looking for more resources related to the Red Summer of 1919 and Black Wall Street? Check out curriculum guides to help with lesson plans.

Resources and Artifacts for Teaching About Jim Crow South

  • Ohio State University offers a digital collection of resources on lynching and the Great Migration. Explore more > 
  • The project “Lynching in America” offers audio recording of those affected by lynching, films, maps and an interactive report with lesson plans. Learn more > 
  • The Green Book told Black Americans where they could safely go while traveling. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture provided educator resources. Learn more > 
  • The Monroe Work Today group created an interactive map of documented lynching with a population density map overlaid as well. View now > 

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