Satellite Podcast

By Frank LaBanca

Sat·el·lite /sadlˌīt/ noun

  1. An artificial body placed in orbit around the earth or moon or another planet in order to collect information or for communication.
  2. ASTRONOMY. A celestial body orbiting the earth or another planet.

Orbiting from on-site locations, Satellite examines innovative educational perspectives. Dr. Frank LaBanca, principal of Westside Middle School Academy and Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow, hosts this six-episode series.

Listen to the Series

Episode 1:  Dr Frank LaBanca @ Goose Rocks Lighthouse
ListenDuration: 13:32 | Size: 6.5M
Dr. Frank LaBanca provides context for this series.  He discusses the tenets of student-centered learning, impact of technology, and an overview of the inquiry process in terms of problem finding and problem solving.

Episode 2: Deborah Day @ UConn Health
ListenDuration: 14:32 | Size: 7.0M
Deborah Day, a science teacher at Amity High School in Woodbridge, Connecticut, discusses her science research program.  Her program offers over 100 students the opportunity to conduct authentic applied research projects.  She compares her program to traditional lab-based science classes as well as her own professional experiences.

Episode 3: Diane Pintavalle @ UConn Health
ListenDuration: 12:08 | Size: 5.8M
Diane Pintavalle, a science teacher at Glastonbury High School in Glastonbury, Connecticut, discusses her advanced science mentorship program.  She discusses how students find mentors from universities and industry and collaborate with them to conduct an original research project.

Episode 4: Zoey and Alec @ Westside Middle School Academy
ListenDuration: 13:27 | Size: 6.5 M
Zoey and Alec are 8th grade students at Westside Middle School Academy in Danbury, Connecticut.  They talk about how technology-enhanced learning permeates their school and how it impacts the work and projects they conduct.

Episode 5: Thomas Jensen @ Newtown High School
ListenDuration: 17:37 | Size: 8.5M
Thomas Jensen is a senior at Newtown High School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.  During his junior year, he created a jazz composition entitled “Unfrequented” that was performed by the award-winning Newtown High School Gold Jazz Band.  He discusses the process from composition to recording in a professional studio.

Frank LaBanca is a Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow. This project was produced with support from JFF’s Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative and its funders. 

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