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In partnership with Education Reimagined, TLTalkRadio hosts Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten host this podcast focused on learner-centered learning and leadership. Episodes address the dynamic question: Does leadership look different in the learner-centered paradigm compared to the school-centered paradigm? The hosts interview  pioneers from across the nation. In the featured kick-off episode, they lay the ground work for the series and discuss what learner-centered leadership might look like with Education Reimagined’s Executive Director, Kelly Young.

This podcast will be of interest to school and district leaders. To extend the learning experience, each podcast includes takeaway questions to consider and a list of resources. This three part series of articles discusses key insights that have emerged from the interviews conducted through the podcast. These include the importance of supporting the development of resources, people, and conditions for transformation; creating a culture of deep relationships, and prioritizing learner voice.

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Episode 001: What is learner-centered? Interview with Kelly Young, Executive Director, Education Reimagined

Source Organization: Education Reimagined


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