Six Seconds: Emotional Intelligence Network

By Six Seconds The Emotional Intelligence Network
July 12, 2016

This organization is committed to helping people improve emotional intelligence (EQ), the ability to tune in, connect, and respond. The organization offers training and tools to measure and improve EQ. Six Seconds The Emotional Intelligence Network offers measurement tools, applications, games, and organizational metrics to better understand emotional strengths and weaknesses. Of interest is the The Brain Talent Profile, which uses 18 competencies to describe key EQ skills using the language of smart technology apps. These tools can be used by teachers or counselors with their students. Additionally, counselors can use them with educators to improve working relationships within a school culture and help teachers more fully understand the skills they hope to teach in their classes. All tools, as well as online training and certification courses, are available for purchase online.

Source Organization: Six Seconds The Emotional Intelligence Network

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