Strategies for Making Human-Centered Learning a Reality

December 10, 2020

Human-centered learning allows people to relate in new ways to education systems, society and the natural environment. In a recent publication, KnowledgeWorks introduces a bold, aspirational vision human-centered learning – for education that enables life-affirming experiences and outcomes for everyone involved in learning systems.

The paper looks at the four essential elements of human-centered learning as well as bold strategic steps, along with related actions, for aligning educational systems, structures, policies, practices and learning experiences with the vision for human-centered learning systems.

These strategies include:

  1. Model learning as a personal practice 
  2. Prioritize relational competencies as essential skills 
  3. Co-create authentic learning for agency and impact 
  4. Build organizational connections for equitable responses 

Source: KnowledgeWorks

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