Student Voice Collaborative

By Student Voice Collaborative
December 18, 2014

The Student Voice Collaborative (SVC) was established in 2010, with hopes of generating a wave of student-led change across New York City public high schools. SVC brings together students from across New York City to affect the sorts of change they want to see in their schools and support one another along the way. While the program started as an initiative of NYC Department of Education Network 102 (read more about networks), with the participation and enthusiasm of twelve pioneering students from five high schools, it has been growing each year. Today, the collaborative is proud to include thirty-six students from sixteen schools across five networks.

Educators, students, and parents from other districts and states can use the Student Voice Collaborative as an example and resource for engaging students in their learning in an empowered, student-led way.

Source Organization: NYC Department of Education Network


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