Sustaining Student-Centered Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 30, 2021

Principal Arria Coburn and classroom teacher, Ellen Foley, sat down with us to reflect and discuss what it has been like to ensure schools and classrooms are student-centered, engaging and full of learning.

Arria Coburn is a principal of the Springfield Renaissance School, a 6-12 EL Education School in Springfield, Massachusetts. She’s serving her sixth year as principal and in her 14th year in education. Ellen Foley is a classroom educator in her eighth-year teaching. She teaches mathematics at 360 High School, a mastery-based school located in Providence, Rhode Island.

They answer four questions:

  1. What student-centered strategies have you prioritized during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. What’s worked best to keep students engaged and motivated this year?
  3. What have been some bright spots this year?
  4. How has your school community, including teachers, risen to present challenges?

Download a transcript of the video.

Learn more about Arria Coburn and Ellen Foley and their work as part of the Students at the Center Distinguished Fellowship.

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