Telling Stories Out of School: Reframing the Education Conversation Through a Core Story Approach

By Frameworks Communications
March 9, 2015

This toolkit is designed to help leading voices in the education sector to build support and cultivate demand for an excellent public school system by building public understanding of issues such as assessment, instruction, and systemic supports and reforms. This set of materials is intended to support communicators in explaining many of the central issues in education: curriculum and instruction, equity and disparities, teacher quality and support, space and time reforms, and more.

To enhance education advocates’ efforts to build a more productive public conversation around education reform and motivate involvement, the kit’s materials include:

  • Sample “ready to go” communications that can be used as is or adapted and repurposed for your organization’s needs;
  • Communications examples that demonstrate the “do’s and don’ts” of the framing recommendations;
  • Graphics and video animations that model the key concepts of the recommendations;
  • Annotations that explain the framing strategies being illustrated, so that the recommendations can be extended to new communications you create; and
  • The message memo “Putting it Back Together Again: Reframing Education Using a Core Story Approach” which provides more details about Frameworks’ research on current views of education reform.

Check out Building Support for Student-Centered Learning: A Toolkit, for more communication tools to support student-centered approaches to learning.

Source Organization: FrameWorks Institute

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