The New Opportunity to Lead: A Vision for Education in Massachusetts in the Next 20 Years

By Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE)
April 13, 2016

This report, commissioned by the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, is a call to revamp the education system in Massachusetts in order to lead the world in preparing students for the demands of the 21st century. The report calls for an approach that focuses less on compliance to state mandates to one that creates conditions for schools to lead innovation.

Of particular interest is the second chapter which is focused on student learning. This chapter details the “need for the state to develop and adopt new models of schooling which are student-centered and personalized: where students can learn anytime, anywhere; where teaching is more tailored to their needs and aspirations; where students play a much more active role in their own learning; and where they move ahead once they have mastery of the relevant knowledge and skills.”

The report offers recommendations in several key areas including standards, assessment and student pathways; recruitment, preparation, support and evaluation of educators; innovation through education technology to support personalized and blended learning and provide formative assessment data; closing the opportunity gap for low-income students; and creating a new funding structure.

Source Organization: Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE)

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