The Promise of Personalized Learning in Rural America

By Jennifer Schiess, Carolyn Chuong
November 6, 2016

This paper explores the application of personalized learning in rural schools, discusses and proposes solutions to the practical and policy barriers to implementation, and shares lessons learned from early adopters, including three case studies from rural communities in Maine, Wyoming, and Nevada. The paper outlines a number of suggestions to help rural policy makers, administrators, and educators:

  • Build infrastructure and support the capacity of rural schools;
  • Create a policy environment friendly to personalized-learning through increased flexibility around staffing and assessment;
  • Solve connectivity and capacity-related barriers; and
  • Develop implementation strategies, including building community buy-in, and supporting teachers.

The authors also address policy challenges, particularly around testing and accountability structures, and funding constraints that challenge the transition to a new model.

Source Organization: Bellwether Education Partners

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