The Role of Advisory in Personalizing the Secondary Experience

By Adam Kulaas, Mary Ryerse, and Tom Vander Ark
October 5, 2017

This article looks at the role of advisory in personalizing learning experiences in high schools. Through development of strong adult/student relationships and self efficacy skills, advisory can help students map out their personal learning plans through high school and beyond. This article outlines 5 core elements that should be part of any advisory system as well as 10 optional inclusions, such as SEL skills development, or facilitation of project-based learning. It includes sections detailing benefits as well as lessons learned.

This article is a great read for school counselors, as well as school leaders looking to grow advisory systems that reflect their school’s culture of learning. For further reading by the same authors, the paper Core and More: Guiding and Personalizing College and Career Readiness discusses the qualities of successful guidance systems: blended (leveraging technology and in-person instruction and services), distributed (leveraging staff in addition to school counselors), and scheduled (utilizing an advisory period).

Source Organization: Getting Smart

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