The Role of Performance Monitoring in Competency-Based Education

By Jason Ellingson
January 10, 2017

This blog post is the seventh in a blog series by Getting Smart on strategies to encourage students to reflect on their performance. The post discusses performance monitoring in the context of competency-based education (CBE) in which students progress based on demonstrated mastery while increasing voice, choice, and agency in their work.  The post explores the idea that when innovations in ways to motivate and monitor performance occur, there are implications for the usage of these innovations. As students progress at their own pace and even through different pathways, there may be a greater concern among educators about monitoring performance and displaying student progress publicly. The article shares ways to manage possible issues related to this performance monitoring.

This article is ideal for educators and policy makers as they  think about implementation of CBE. It is also suitable for teachers who have already implemented CBE, to help them think critically about how they share individual achievements publicly.

Source Organization: Getting Smart

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