Under the Hood of Personalized Learning: A New Hampshire Teacher of the Year Explains

By Kim Carter

In this opinion piece, Kim Carter, a Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow, and 1996 New Hampshire Media Educator of the Year, describes the successful use of personalization at New Hampshire charter school MC2 School. The MC2 School places a high emphasis on building relationships inside and outside the classroom and creates opportunities for student-directed personal learning experiences in its local community. To support this approach, students meet in advisory with a teacher/mentor twice a day, and parents are included daily in conversations around learning goals and progress. Also, much attention is given to explicitly teaching habits of mind such as problem-solving, resolving conflicts, etc. These strategies culminate in a school culture of learner-centered, community-inclusive teaching and learning that nurtures a personalized learning experience for all students.

School leaders can gain ideas for creating a positive school environment that focuses on student-driven learning. This example of a successful school may also be shared with community members to increase public awareness and encourage the shift to more personalized learning

Source Organization: The Hechinger Report

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