Waukesha STEM Academy Series

By Chris Sturgis
December 17, 2017

This four-part series featuring Waukesha STEM Academy (WSA) is part of a series on personalized, proficiency-based education in Wisconsin. This blog post gives an introduction to what’s happening state-wide. WSA is a competency-based school with personalized learning for all 300 students it serves. It spans grades 6-8, but students move at their own pace and are not limited by grade levels. While there is an emphasis on project-based learning, instructional approaches are tailored to each student’s needs. Students are selected through a random lottery and without any criterion to enter. The following articles explore several aspects of the school:

This series offers a detailed look at the development and operation of a truly personalized school and will be of interest to educators and education leaders looking to make a similar transition.

Source Organization: Competency Works

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