Welcoming Schools Starter Kit

By Human Rights Campaign Foundation
July 14, 2017

This brief, Welcoming Schools: An Inclusive Approach to Addressing Family Diversity, Gender Stereotyping and Name-Calling outlines a comprehensive, LGBTQ-inclusive approach to creating respectful and supportive elementary schools for all students and their families. Developed by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, it includes many resources, tips, and strategies such as:

  • A checklist for a welcoming and inclusive school environment
  • Tips on how to affirm gender and develop a welcoming classroom
  • Lessons plans on gender stereotyping and other topics
  • Ideas for responding to tense and inequitable situations at school

Inclusion and understanding of diversity are important components of student-centered, equitable learning environments. This brief can be broken down into digestible pieces and used at professional development meetings to start conversations or assess a school’s culture. Though targeted towards elementary schools, the information, strategies, and checklists can be used throughout K-12.

Source Organization: Human Rights Campaign

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