What is Competency-Based Education?

By Boston Day and Evening Academy
January 8, 2016

This one-page overview of “competency-based education” explains the differences between this and a more traditional approach to student assessment and progression. This overview describes the competency-based learning system at Boston Day and Evening Academy in which students are placed on a learning path, rather than a grade level, based on their demonstrated skills. Students take 11-week modules in each content area and are given a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of the content and skills and then progress based on this demonstration of “competency.”

This overview could serve as a good introduction to the approach for any parent or student. It is also a good model other schools might use to create basic documents and tools to explain new educational initiatives to families. It can also be accompanied by this overview of competency education curated by iNACOL.

Source Organization: Boston Day and Evening Academy

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