What We Talk About When We Talk About Student Voice

By Tevye Kelman
May 2, 2017

UP for Learning podcast features Vermont students discussing the importance of personalized learning and partnering with adults in school redesign. The podcast explains the 2013 legislation Act 77 in Vermont which was passed to create “flexible pathways” toward graduation to promote student ownership and engagement. Students discuss the impressive projects and courses they can now design as part of their personal learning plans.

Because it features powerful voices from students, this podcast is an excellent tool to help build support for student involvement in education redesign. It could be shared with community members, families, policymakers, and other educators. It highlights the passion students have when engaged in projects that matter to them, as well as the maturity and deep understanding of education reform they can build through involvement in school change. The podcast also features an original song written and performed by Vermont students.

Source Organization: UP for Learning

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